About Us

Who are we?  

St John’s Anglican Church in Darlinghurst, Sydney, runs a series of community programmes, which aim at helping homeless people. We run the Rough Edges cafe, the St John’s Legal Centre, the Urban Exposure education programme, and the Community Assistance Partnership Programme (which helps people move from emergency to sustainability). We also run Streetwise Church at Rough Edges.

St John’s Community Services Ltd is the legal entity through which St John’s Anglican Church Darlinghurst delivers a range of services and programmes to local community.

You can find out about St John’s church here.

St John’s Darlinghurst


Who is on staff at Rough Edges?                                                                                                      

Edward Vaughan is the rector of St John’s Church, and a Director (and Chair) of the SJCS Board.

Penny Barletta is the St John’s Community Services Team Leader. She oversees the staff who run our programmes, and also recruits, resources and releases the one hundred volunteers who run Rough Edges.

Wayne Palmer is the social worker who delivers the Community Assistance Partnership Programme (CAPP).

Brad Lovegrove is the chaplain at Rough Edges and pastor of Streetwise church.

Belinda Paxton is the Principal Solicitor at the St John’s Legal Centre.


Who is on the SJCS Board?

Edward Vaughan, rector of St John’s Anglican Church Darlinghurst, is the Chair of the Board.

Liz Illingworth

Margy Jones

Rod Ravenscroft

Sara Whiteway

Tim Whiteway

Paul Zancanaro