Roughtober 2018

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What is Roughtober?

In the month of October, we encourage our volunteers and supporters to go all out in fundraising for us.

In 2016 we raised $57,000 for Rough Edges during Roughtober. We equalled our record of last year!

Thanks to everyone who supported us. We are delighted with this result.

The money we raise enables us to operate Roughies with confidence, knowing that we will be able to cover the costs of operating in 2018.

Stay tuned for details of Roughtober Sleepout 2018!

Sign Up for Roughtober 2018 Now!

Just send an email below, telling us your name, emergency contact phone number, and how you heard you heard about Roughtober. And we’ll get back to you with the info you need to get started.

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Throw an event in Roughtober

Set a date in October and throw a breakfast or dinner for friends and ask them to contribute to Rough Edges. Or a fun-run, a bake-sale, or any other creative ideas you might have. You could even show the Rough Edges video at your event which allows friends to get know what Rough Edges is all about.

 Get your work place involved

Does your work or a company you know support charities? Many employees look for ways to get their workplace to support their chosen charity through fundraising, grants, or through staff participation.  Tell your company about Rough Edges and ask if they could become a corporate sponsor. Rough Edges is always looking for corporate sponsorship and we can provide more information to you and your company.  Email

If you want to see the issue that you are raising money for, watch this video from the ABC 7.30 report on rough sleepers in Sydney in the winter time

To hear Brad Lovegrove interviewed on 2CH about Roughtobter 2015, click here

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