What does it cover?

The Urban Walk invites participants to explore Kings Cross from a different perspective. We enter into a range of different spaces and places in the area and explore a range of ideas and questions including:

  • Inclusion and Exclusion: What are the ways societies use space to exclude others? How can we create spaces and places that are inclusive?
  • Addiction: Who’s the addict? What addictions are you likely to encounter in your lives? What are the different approaches people take to addiction?
  • Alternatives to Violence How can we deal with conflict creatively and peacefully? Who are our neighbours? Do we know them?
  • How can we serve our local communities?

On the Urban Walk participants hear from one of the Rough Edges patrons who openly share their stories. We pay the speakers for their time and work.

Please note, the Urban Walk is for mature young people and adults. The people from our community who accompany you on your Urban Walk may have addiction, sex-work, mental illness, criminal convictions as part of their past, or in fact, present.  The topics of addiction, consumerism, risky sexual behaviour, faith and social justice may be frankly and openly discussed.  If you feel you may be offended by this kind of discussion, please choose not to participate.  We recommend the Urban Walk to a 15+ audience with adult supervision.