How does a night at Roughies work?

The team of five or six volunteers who are working that night turn up at 7pm for a briefing session. Led by a volunteer team leader, it’s a chance to catch up on what’s happening with your fellow volunteers, find out about what’s been going on at Roughies recently, talk about the night ahead, and pray.

The yellow OzHarvest van turns up about 7.20pm, and the volunteers bring the trays and containers of food into the kitchen. The doors open at 7.30pm, and there’s often an initial rush to serve the patrons who have been looking forward to their dinner.

Once things have quietened down, it’s a chance to catch up with patrons you haven’t seen for a while, and make sure all is going well in the place.

About 9.30pm, a few volunteers head up to Govinda’s restaurant, who provide us with vegetarian Indian food most nights.

We close up at 10.30pm, so it’s time to count the till, clean the kitchen, do a general tidy up and debrief. And then its time to head home, satisfied in the knowledge you have made a contribution to making the lives of our patrons just a little bit easier.

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