Who runs Rough Edges?

Rough Edges is a ministry of St John’s Anglican Church in Darlinghurst.

The legal entity through which Rough Edges runs is ‘St John’s Community Services Ltd’, a not for profit company. Donations to St John’s Community Services are tax deductible. You can financially support our work here

Rough Edges is operated by volunteers, who give generously and freely of their time to keep this ministry operating. If you want to volunteer with us, click here

Penny Barletta, our Community Services Team Leader, works part time to recruit, resource and release volunteers. Wayne Palmer also works part time as our social worker in the CAPP programme. Belinda Paxton is the Principal Solicitor (part time) in our Legal Centre. Rev. Brad Lovegrove is chaplain at Rough Edges. Rev. Edward Vaughan is the senior minister at St John’s Anglican Church and a Director of St John’s Community Services.