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We are delighted to announce that St John’s has entered into a partnership with Hammondcare, who will construct and operate a facility to provide aged care for homeless people on the site next the church.

Read the brochure, and come to the Public Information Night on Tuesday March 22 from 6.30 to 8.30pm in the church hall.

And check out the  St John’s website for more information

Brochure on Aged Care for Homeless People


Imagine that tonight, you had no bed to sleep in. So you had to find a doorway, or a park, to spend the night.

Or imagine you have a bed, but it’s in a hostel or a boarding house. You can’t be sure if you will be there tomorrow, and you live without certainty about your future or your safety.

You don’t have a place to be safe, to be secure, to meet with friends. You don’t even have a place to do the simplest things in life- watch tv, read the paper, drink coffee or play chess.

Welcome to Rough Edges! Rough Edges is a lounge room for street people, a safe place for people on the streets. It’s an open door for absolutely anyone to come in and experience hospitality.

And you can be part of the Rough Edges community. If you’ve ever walked past a homeless person on the streets of Sydney and thought ‘I’d really like to be part of the solution, but I don’t know how’, then Rough Edges may be the place where you can make a real contribution.

You can help make the lives of people who are doing it tough just a little bit better.

Watch a video from the ABC 7.30 Report on rough sleepers in Sydney this winter

7.30 Report July 10 2015

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